Combustion & Gasification Engineering

CombGEN is a network of applied researchers and industrialists with shared interests in cleaner and more efficient combustion and gasification technologies, providing a strong platform for sharing techniques, software and technologies, and ensuring their timely transfer to industrial applications.

CombGEN has been formed by the Universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Robert Gordon University with the support of The Carnegie Trust and EPSRC to bring together the Combustion & Gasification Engineering community and to develop robust technologies required for improving industrial systems in combustion and gasification engineering. Through collaboration and Knowledge Exchange with industry CombGEN aims to accelerate technical developments which will lead to commercial success for industrial partners.


• Combustion and Gasification
• Gasification process optimisation
• Syngases
• Hydrogen
• Bioenergy, biomass, waste-to-energy
• Fire engineering

• Underground Coal Gasification
• Fuel cells
• Combined heat and power (CHP)
• Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
• Multiphase Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer

CombGEN is developing new partnerships to address global industry challenges across the field of combustion and gasification engineering. We welcome approaches from potential collaborators in industry and academia.


Prof. Manosh C Paul CEng
Systems Power and Energy, James Watt School of Engineering
University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8QQ, UK
Tel: +44 (0)141 330 8466

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